Ride Report: Saturday 25th July MTB Wimbledon Common

Five Riders met at Carshalton Ponds at 09:30hrs for the socially distanced ride to Wimbledon Common. Mick Curtis, Sean Slammon, Dave Elliott, Adam Domaingue and myself arriving from the Cheam Station meeting point to lead the ride. The skies were threatening with the odd spot of rain; it was overcast, but warm and humid. Would […]

Ride report: Saturday 18th July MTB Walton on Thames

Six riders met at Nonsuch Mansion Cafe in the park for the first official club MTB since March: Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Bill Martin, Barry Gregory, Trevor Hughes, and myself leading the ride. This was the Mick Curtis Birthday ride as dear Mick became an Octogenarian on Friday 17th July. It was a nice summer’s […]

Sat 14th March Offroad ride report

The  Clarencourt Offroad Riders worked up an appetite on the ride to Stoke de Abernon. Sean and Tracey inexplicably followed Trevor through the bog of doom to the Cafe. Judging by the sixe of the cutlery, Micky C was was very excited by the breakfast on offer… …however he was more than a little disappointed! […]

Ride report: Sunday 1st March MTB Stoke D’Abernon

Five riders met at Cheam Station south side at the appointed hour. Dave Elliott, Sean Slammon, Trevor Hughes, Mick Curtis and myself leading. Wow what difference from yesterday’s foul weather! Today was blue skies, not particularly warm, probably due to the strong winds from the south west, but never-the-less a vast improvement. We set off […]

Ride report: Saturday 29th February, MTB ‘The Regent’ Walton on Thames

Seven intrepid riders met at the Ewell Springs pub at 09:30hrs. Bill Martin, Dave Rapson and myself leading the ride from the Clarencourt. From the Phoenix Andy Pierce, Trevor Kite, Tracy Caudle and Barry Toogood. Our ride took us out of the back of Ewell following the Hogsmill River. The path was saturated and flooded […]

Wednesday 26th Feb Offroad ride report

The Clarencourt lads were wondering why Digger Dave had Superglued his tyre to the rim… …20 minutes later he was still trying to get the thing off!!!  However all was forgiven when, after a shortened ride, he got the Beers in😊. Also on the ride were: Micky C (Thanks for the tenner), Big Dave (I’ve […]

Ride Report: Saturday 22nd February, MTB Leatherhead

Four riders met at Cheam Station south side on a very blustery day, Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Dave Elliott and my good self leading the ride. We set off across Nonsuch Park which was minus its entrance gates, someone had driven through them whilst locked! On our return journey, weaving in and out of the […]

Saturday 8th February, MTB Walton on Thames

Five riders met at Cheam Station, Bill Martin, Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Andy Pierce  and myself leading the ride. The weather was reasonable calm considering the Storm Ciara that was to hit on the Sunday and we actually got some sunshine on the ride. My route out took us through Ewell, the Hogsmill River through […]

Thurs 6th Feb Offroad ride report

Dave and Trevor were pretty pleased with themselves after a rapid ascent up to Epsom Downs… …Digger was on his new bike and definitely getting fitter. Took a series of downhill single tracks to the railway in Cheam for Club night where we met Denis Peacock and Mickys Son Brian. Also there were Andy Pearce […]

Saturday 1st Feb Offroad ride report

After Sean had “disposed” of Bill in the muddy waters of the Hogsmill river, Micky was about to lob his Bike after him… …and it had all started so well. The 3 riders met at Nonsuch on a sunny morning and took a slipery descent down the Vampire run. Passed the Phoenix Trail Riders who […]