Ride report: Saturday 20th November, MTB East Molesey

Five riders met at the designated time of 09:15hrs at Nonsuch Masion, Trevor Hughes, Mick Curtis, Gareth Moss, Ash Kesvani and myself leading. It was an overcast, dull, but still day as we set off and continued to stay that was for the whole ride. We headed out on the usual route via Ewell, the […]

Saturday MTB Ride To Walton Bridge

Two very wet riders meet at Nonsuch Park. Dave “The Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domingue. Its had been lashing it down all the way to the park but was stopping as we met.  Dave commented on the fact he had virtually no rear brakes so the ride was done at a more steady […]

Ride report: Saturday 16th October, MTB East Molesey

Three riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at the designated 09:15hrs start time: Mick Curtis, Dave Clarke and myself leading. The ride was to be a short and steady one out to East Molesey avoiding any steep hills due to my recent knee injury and this being my first ride in three weeks. It was overcast. […]

Saturday 9th October MTB Ride To Rykas

  2 Riders met on a very foggy morning at Horton Park at 9.30, Dave Clarke and myself Adam Domaingue. We left the park (lights on) heading south passing through Ashtead common and across to Epsom Common. Then heading up through Headley Heath and across to the top of Box hill. Stopping at the hill […]

Saturday 14th August, MTB Wild Brunch, Walton Bridge

Nine riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at 09:15hrs, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Dave Clarke, Mick Curtis, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Bill Martin, Sean Slammon and myself leading. The morning was overcast warm with a breeze from the southwest. Our route took us out over Horton Park using Butcher’s Row to the Chessington South, climbing slightly […]

Saturday 7th Aug 21 MTB Ride To Leatherhead.

Three riders out of the initial 5 riders met at Nonsuch Mansion. Dave “The Digger” Clarke, Dave “Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domaingue. The sensible ones had stayed away…. It had stopped raining when I left home but drizzling when we met in the park. On arrival Digger Dave mentioned he had lost his […]

Ride report: Saturday 17th July, Wild Brunch, Walton Bridge

Five riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at 09:15hrs, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Dave Clarke, Mick Curtis and myself leading. The morning was gloriously warm and bright with a breeze from the Northwest, and the first conversation was comparing notes on our sun splosh UV Factors applied! Our route took us out over Horton Park using […]

Saturday 19th June, MTB Windmill Tea Rooms, Wimbledon Common

Seven riders on today’s run, Dave Rapson, Dave Clarke, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite and myself leading, met at Cheam Station Southside and picking up Mick Curtis and Adam Domaingue at Carshalton Ponds. It was a warm, overcast day and the ground was very damp from the previous few days torrential downpours after the UK’s mini […]

Ride report: Saturday 12th June, MTB Ockham Bites

Four riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at 09:15hrs, Mick Curtis, Dave Clarke, Paul White and Adam Domaingue leading on his smart, newly built, hard tail machine It was a lovely warm bright day and our route took us out through Horton Country Park, Ashtead Common, Prince’s Covert’s, Esher Common and the back streets of Cobham. […]

Saturday 29th May, MTB Wild Brunch Walton Bridge

Two riders at Nonsuch for the 09:15hrs departure, Adam Domaingue and Paul White leading. Probably the best Saturday morning’s weather for this year so far took us out via Horton Country Park, Ashtead Common north, Prince’s Coverts, Esher Common, West End Common, Hersham and finally into Walton Bridge. Met up with Barry Gregory at the […]