Sunday 9th May, MTB Wild Brunch Walton Bridge.

Five riders met at Nonsuch Mansion, Mick Curtis, Adam Domaingue, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite and myself leading. Sunday’s weather was a vast improvement on yesterday’s monsoon conditions that stopped all but the most enthusiastic riding. Lovely sunshine and a little warmer than expected, it had a few of us caught out with more layers on […]

Saturday 1st May MTB Ockham Bites.

Five riders turned out at Nonsuch Mansion for the ride to Ockham Common, Bill Martin, Adam Domaingue, Gareth, Richard and myself leading. Our route was  west from Nonsuch Park to the Hogsmill River, Horton Country Park, Chessington South, Claygate, Esher Common and Cobham to the ‘Climb of doom’ at Telegraph Hill on the common near […]

Ride report: Saturday 24th April MTB Walton Bridge

Three riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at 09:15hrs, Adam Domaingue, Dave Clarke and myself leading. Alas Mick Curtis had started out to join us but had electrical power problems with his bike and had to return to base. It was a bright sunny day and all the mud in Nonsuch had gone hard as we […]

Ride report: Saturday 3rd April 2021 MTB Ockham Bites.

As the club slowly awakens from its enforced ‘Boris slumber,’ ten enthusiastic members met at Nonsuch Mansion for the first officially  sanctioned Saturday MTB ride of 2021. Because of the number of participants Bill Martin split the group into two. The faster boys, Dave Rapson, Adam Domaingue, Trevor Kite, and Fin went with Bill Martin. The […]

Club runs re-activation 29th March

Dear members, the club runs blog will be re-activated again on the 29th March. Members will be following the Government’s lockdown easing instructions and guidance issued by the B.C.F (British Cycling Federation) on size of groups etc. I look forward to the resumption of club activities in April. Regards Paul White – Chairman

Ride report: Saturday 19th December, MTB Wilde Brunch, Walton Bridge

Three riders all from the same happy Tier 3 met at Nonsuch Park at the designated time. Adam Domaingue, Trevor Kite and myself leading. Our route was a well travelled one used often out to Kingston along the Hogsmill River. There were the odd, very boggy spots along the river known by me, but these […]