Sunday 17 December 2017 Pre lunch road ride to Leatherhead

Meeting at Cheam BR Station at 9am. Road Ride to Leatherhead. Pick up Walton-on Hill Pond 9:45. 25 miles av 14 – 15 mph. Short ride and coffee stop in Leatherhead so that we can get back home in time to go to the Christmas club lunch in Ewell. The weather forecast is not good […]

MTB ride Horley, Dave’s Birthday Bash.

Four riders made it to Horley for the breakfast gratefully supplied by Dave Elliott ((Birthday Boy) Trevor perambulated his way out from Cheam to the secondary meeting spot at Walton on The Hill, where road biking Andrew Adams, Brian Harris and Bubbles?! (Sorry new fellow, I haven’t met you yet!) were waiting. Alas Trevor had […]

Sunday 3 December 2017 MTB Ride Horley

MTB ride to Horley, Cheam BR Station south side 9am, pick up Walton-on-Hill 9:45 also pick-up, Paul White< at North Entrance to Gatton Park off Gatton Bottom Road at 10:15am. Also we have a new rider, Simon, who does not have a MTB and could ride on the road. If anyone wishes to ride by […]