Club Tour De France Competition 2022

This year we thought it would be a good idea to run a competition to celebrate the tour. And what better way than a club competition with some tour inspired prizes. The tour runs from the 1st to the 24thof July and our competition will run for the same amount of time. There will be [...]

5th May – Swinley Trail Centre

There will be a “away day” to Swinley Forest Trail Centre on Sunday May 5th. There are a mixture of graded runs suitable for MTBs. If you are interested contact Bill, if you can help with transport please let me know. Further details will follow. Bill.  

Lovering 2018 Photo Competition

Well it's that time of year again. Get voting everyone. State you Picture Name and Number in the Comments below. 1.An Ayliffe stroll in the Patershol 3.End of the Line 5.Gotcha 7.Ilfracombe Sunset 9.Mike Curtis's H&S Compliant outfit 11.Ockham Bites 15. Our last 4-up 17. Cycling in Lanzarote Christmas 2017 2.Big Sky on Clarencourt 4.Escapee [...]

2017 Photo Competition

So begins our yearly photo competition. Usual rules apply please comment below for your vote stating number and name. 1. Mid-summer on Wandle Trail 2. Rob's Place 3. Autoire 4. Climbing the Galibier 5. Sunset over Winchelsea Town 6. Charlie's 90th 7. Ring of Kerry 8. Tank Dug up at Denbies 9. Lake Eildon 10. [...]

Your first time trial | What you need to know

The race of truth!! Time trialling has been called the race of truth because the idea is that competitors cover a prescribed course often of a set distance, say 10 or 25 miles or longer, riding solo, without assistance from taking shelter from other riders – or anything else. Further, in the UK, where time [...]

Tips for Beginners

The Bike It needs to fit you, to be safe and easy to ride. Adjust your saddle height so that with the ball of your foot on the pedal and your leg fully extended there is a slight bend behind the knee. Saddle too high=sore bottom. Saddle too low and you’re not getting the benefit [...]