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    Can I Ride before I join?

    Yes-please do! Join us one Saturday or Sunday and see how you get on. Try a few rides and then please join us if you like what you see.

    Where are you based?

    We meet at Cheam Railway Station off Upper Mulgrave Road. We have members who live in Epsom, Worcester Park, Kingston and Croydon as well as Sutton and Cheam.

    Will I be able to Keep up?

    Yes! We tailor the ride to suit the people who come along and never leave anyone behind. The club run is not a race. If you are worried about whether you can cycle far enough, come along on Saturday morning first as these rides tend to be shorter. We have helped people to ride half a ride and get the train home. If you would like to talk about how you might get on please contact us. Please remember it is always easier to ride in a group than on your own.

    Will I be able to clumb the hills?

    Probably! if you have a reasonable level of fitness and a bike with a range of gears you are likely to be able to manage most hills. We all get better at hills the more we practice them and there are some tips to help. We regroup at the top of the hills to allow for everyone to climb at their own pace. Most of us have walked up a hill some point-it doesn’t matter.

    Do I have to wear lycra?

    No! We welcome cyclists wearing whatever they are most comfortable in. Most people find they are more comfortable wearing padded shorts if cycling more than 15-20 miles.

    Do you have a stop of your rides?

    Absolutely? We always stop for coffee/cake/late breakfast.

    What are all those hand signals/shorts that cyclists make?

    It is traditional to call out and point to hazards in the road and let your fellow cyclists know what is coming. Don’t worry if you don;t know any signals-we can explain them when you come and they are easy to pick up.

    Does it matter what bike i use?

    Please come of a bike your are comfortable on and used to riding with brakes and gears that work. It’s not wise to take a road bike on a mountain bike ride as the terrain will not be suitable. Most of the club members use road bike on the road rides but a hybrid or mountain bike with slick tyres should be fine-if you’re not sure talk to a club member or try a shorter Saturday ride.

    What if I want to race?

    We have many member who have raced and a few who still do. Several member take part in time trials. The club can provide advice about getting started in racing.

    Do you have any women riders?

    We have a couple of women who ride with us but would love to encourage more.

    Do I need to bring anything else?

    Please bring a spare inner tube which fits your bike and a suitable pump. If you’re not sure how to use them and have a puncture don’t worry as we all love to give advice to people on how best to mend a puncture!! Please also bring some cash for coffee and cake and a mobile phone. Most of use all carry credit/debit card in case we need to get a train home or visit a bike shop on route for spares.

    Anything else?

    Cycling is fun and we all do it because we love it as well as it being a great way to stay fit and healthy. Although cycling is not an extreme sport we do advise people to either have British cycling membership or some form of insurance so that you are protected in case of an accident whether your riding with the club or on your own.

    Please come along and join us and we hope you will discover your love for it too.