Sat 4th Dec MTB Ride to Walton Bridge

4 Riders meet in Nonsuch Park, Paul White, Dave Rapson, Mick Curtisvincent and Adam Domaingue. It had been raining but the sun was making an appearance. Still was a cold day. We made our way there through Ashtead Common, Princes Covert and Esher Common. By the time we arrived it was glorious sun but still […]

Saturday MTB Ride To Walton Bridge

Two very wet riders meet at Nonsuch Park. Dave “The Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domingue. Its had been lashing it down all the way to the park but was stopping as we met.  Dave commented on the fact he had virtually no rear brakes so the ride was done at a more steady […]

Saturday 9th October MTB Ride To Rykas

  2 Riders met on a very foggy morning at Horton Park at 9.30, Dave Clarke and myself Adam Domaingue. We left the park (lights on) heading south passing through Ashtead common and across to Epsom Common. Then heading up through Headley Heath and across to the top of Box hill. Stopping at the hill […]

Saturday 7th Aug 21 MTB Ride To Leatherhead.

Three riders out of the initial 5 riders met at Nonsuch Mansion. Dave “The Digger” Clarke, Dave “Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domaingue. The sensible ones had stayed away…. It had stopped raining when I left home but drizzling when we met in the park. On arrival Digger Dave mentioned he had lost his […]