Saturday 6th August, off road Wild Brunch, Walton Bridge

Six riders out today: Adam Domaingue, Mick Curtis, Dave Clarke, Gareth Moss, Sean Slammon and myself leading. The weather was in the ‘Goldilocks zone’, not too windy, not too hot as we headed out across the parched English countryside. The route: Hogsmill River, Chessington South, Claygate, Esher Common, West End Common and the southern end […]

Ride report: Off road to Ockham Bites

Seven riders turned out for today’s ride: Mick Curtis, Bill Kent, Bill Martin, Dave Clarke, Sean Slammon, Adam Domaingue and myself leading. The weather was glorious, with blue skies, very little breeze and the temperature was just right at around 72°F (22°C) We were anticipating much higher mid-afternoon temperatures and so I wasted no time […]

Saturday 2nd July, off road to Wild Brunch, Walton on Thames

Three riders turned out for today’s club run: Mick Curtis, new member Bill Kent (welcome, Bill!) and myself leading. Alas, a bit thin on the ground this weekend due to various members off on holiday, sunning themselves in various places around the world. Being bored of Chessington and Claygate for a route, I took us […]

Saturday 18th June, off road Ockham Bites.

With a lot of the regular riders away for the weekend , just two riders, Mick Curtis and myself left Nonsuch Park on a hot and humid morning. Friday had been a record breaking 32°C heatwave. The sky was now beginning to bubble up with forecasted heavy cloud and the promise of rain storms sometime […]

Saturday 7th May, off road, Ockham Bites

Five riders turned out at Nonsuch Mansion for a perambulation on the bicycles. Adam Domaingue, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Mick Curtis and myself leading. It was reasonably warm, around 59°F, but overcast, cloudy and humid. We set off south out of the park, through the back of Ewell, along the Hogsmill River and out to […]

Ride report: Saturday 12th March, off road Ockham Bites

Five riders met at 09:00hrs at Nonsuch Mansion. Trevor Kite, Tracy Caudle, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson and myself leading. The weather was clearing, with some big ominous clouds moving away from our meeting point. Alas today there was a nagging wind from the south, which was mostly nudging us from the side outbound and returning. […]

Ride report: Saturday 26th February, off road, Wild Brunch, Walton Bridge

Four riders met at Nonsuch Mansion at 09:15hrs, Mick Curtis, Trevor Hughes, Gareth Moss and myself leading. The ride out to Kingston was to  be the usual route along the Hogsmill River. Today, although cold, was lovely and  sunny with blue skies. My enthusiasm was improving as it normally does when the sun is out, […]

Saturday 12th February, MTB Polesden Lacey

Five riders met at 09:00hrs by Nonsuch Mansion: Dave Rapson,  Bill Martin, Adam Domaingue, Dave Clarke and myself leading. The weather was cold, with intermittent sunshine as we weaved our way between hundreds of ‘Park run’ participants and dog owners glued to their mobile phones oblivious to what their pets were doing! Soon we could […]