Saturday 4th March, off road, East Molesey Cricket Club

Two riders out today at the meeting point in Nonsuch Park: Adam Domaingue and myself leading. Weather overcast, very cold and very little wind. The route: Hogsmill River all the way into Kingston, where we encountered the still-closed, Kingston Bridge southside cycle path due to masonry work. Into Hampton Court Park, Thames towpath and crossing […]

Saturday 11th February, off road Flitton’s Garden Centre, Wallington

Bill Kent, Dave Rapson, Dave Clarke, Paul White, Trevor Kite, Sean Slammon and Bill Martin leading. Still, overcast and chilly. Trevor snapped the ‘Quick link’ on his chain, a successful replacement/repair was carried out. 26.3 miles.

Saturday 4th February, off road Bockett’s Farm

Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Bill Martin, Mick Curtis, Dave Elliott and myself out today. I led the ride on a somewhat dreary, overcast day. Still there was very little wind and it was dry, so more pluses than minuses. Adam points out the lovely snowdrops in Nonsuch Park as Dave Clarke wasn’t out today, and […]

Friday 3rd February, awayday Swinley Forest MTB Centre

Six riders met in Bagshot for the awayday, Tracy Caudle, Cam Watson, Trevor Hughes, Bill Kent, myself and Bill Martin leading. Sunny, a little chilly, becoming overcast in the afternoon was the the weather experienced on the day. Lunch at a pub just outside Swinley Forest in Crowthorne. Plenty of excellent mountain bike trail descents, […]

Saturday 28th January, off road West End Cricket Club

Seven riders for the off today: Dave Rapson, Trevor Hughes, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Bill Kent, Mick Curtis and myself leading. Muddy, cold and overcast was the order of the day. Our route would take us out via Horton Park, Epsom Common, Prince’s Coverts, Esher Common and West End Common. On Esher Common Trevor Kite […]

Saturday 21st January, off road Clarke’s Cafe, Leatherhead

Six riders met at Nonsuch; Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Sean Slammon, Dave Clarke, Bill Kent and myself leading. The weather was cold, but bright and the temperature was hovering at -3°C. Soon after starting off, before we left the park Dave Rapson suffered a mechanical with his gear change. He aborted his ride to head […]

Saturday 31st December, off road West End Cricket Club, Esher

Seven riders out today on the last ride of 2022: Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Bill Martin, Trevor Hughes and myself leading. Pic:Adam Domaingue The weather was decidedly dodgy from the start with overcasts sky’s and a little drizzle to add to the very soggy trails. We headed out of a boggy […]

Saturday 24th December, off road, Walton on the Hill

Ten riders met at Nonsuch this morning: Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Mick Curtis, Dave Elliott, Freddie Vaval, Dave Clarke, Sean Slammon, myself, and Bill Martin leading. Weather dry, overcast and with a temperature hovering around 9°C, but very muddy. Bill’s route took us out of Nonsuch Park to Priest Hill and through the back […]

Saturday 10th December, off road Bockett’s Farm

Four riders braved the sub-zero temperatures today and met at the usual Nonsuch spot. Adam Domaingue, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite and myself leading. Surrey was a cold, bright, sunny, winter wonderland this morning, and with the temperature at -3.5°C as we left Nonsuch my wonder was, ‘I wonder if I’ll make it to Bockett’s in […]

Saturday 26th November, off road Baton ride.

Nine riders out today: Bill Kent, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Gareth Moss, Dave Clarke, myself and Bill Martin leading for the first half hour. Bill Martin had come up with a new concept called ‘Baton’. Bill says: “A Baton ride is where the lead is shared, whoever has the ‘baton’ leads […]