Saturday 5th September MTB Walton on Thames

Three riders met at Cheam Station Southside at 09:00hrs for the ride, Mick Curtis, David Clarke and myself leading. It was a little chilly as we left and the first time for a while I dispensed with mitts and went for full gloves. With overcast skies we set out across Nonsuch Park and then followed […]

Saturday 29th August MTB Ockham Bites

Six riders met at Cheam Station Southside for the ride to Ockham Bites. Adam Domaingue, Mick Curtis, Sean Slammon, Dave Clarke, Bill Martin and myself leading. Our outbound journey took us out towards Ashtead Common and then followed two fairly unused tracks on the route I know. It’s fairly unused because somehow Pashesham Park Golf […]

Ride report: Saturday 22nd August MTB The Windmill, Wimbledon Common

Five riders met at Cheam Station Southside at 09:00hrs, Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Dave Clarke and myself leading. Dave Clarke had informed the group he would be ten minutes late due to a puncture. We decided to give him the ten minutes he needed due to the 18MPH wind from the west. Our […]

Ride report: Saturday 15th August, MTB Walton on Thames

Five riders met at 09:00hrs outside Cheam Station Southside. It was a day of complete contrast to the previous Saturday’s ride, the heatwave having broken on Thursday last. The weather was now warm, humid, overcast and drizzling. Indeed I had debated cancelling the ride after the local weather report text from Mick Curtis earlier on, […]

Sunday 9 August to Holmbury Saint Mary

Ride from Cheam through Epsom and on to Leatherhead with Andrew Adams, Paul Martin, Dave Elliott, Trevor Hughes and welcome new member Paula. From the pick-up point to Effingham up Sheapleas, down to Shere, along to Abinger Hammer and up to Holmbury Saint Mary Bulmer Farm coffee stop. Where we all rested on a bail […]

Ride report: Saturday 8th August, MTB Denbies Wine Estate

Bill’s meeting point was Nonsuch Mansion at 09:30hrs today. Nine rides turned out for the ride, Barry Gregory, Dave Clarke, Mick Curtis, Dave Rapson, Sean Slammon, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Bill Martin our leader, and myself. Given the size of the group we split it into two and I was duly deputised as Second Officer […]

Saturday 1st August MTB Walton on Thames

Four riders met at Cheam Station Southside at 09:00hrs: Mick Curtis, Barry Gregory, Dave Clarke and myself leading the ride. It was a lovely sunny day around 25c, a big drop from Friday’s 35c frying pan conditions We used the bottom south west corner of Nonsuch Park to cross the Ewell bypass and then proceeded […]

Ride Report: Saturday 25th July MTB Wimbledon Common

Five Riders met at Carshalton Ponds at 09:30hrs for the socially distanced ride to Wimbledon Common. Mick Curtis, Sean Slammon, Dave Elliott, Adam Domaingue and myself arriving from the Cheam Station meeting point to lead the ride. The skies were threatening with the odd spot of rain; it was overcast, but warm and humid. Would […]

Ride report: Saturday 18th July MTB Walton on Thames

Six riders met at Nonsuch Mansion Cafe in the park for the first official club MTB since March: Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Bill Martin, Barry Gregory, Trevor Hughes, and myself leading the ride. This was the Mick Curtis Birthday ride as dear Mick became an Octogenarian on Friday 17th July. It was a nice summer’s […]

Sat 14th March Offroad ride report

The  Clarencourt Offroad Riders worked up an appetite on the ride to Stoke de Abernon. Sean and Tracey inexplicably followed Trevor through the bog of doom to the Cafe. Judging by the sixe of the cutlery, Micky C was was very excited by the breakfast on offer… …however he was more than a little disappointed! […]