Sunday 9th July, away day off road National Route 21 and 2

It was warm and wet when I arrived at the free car park in the centre of sleepy Hailsham, Sussex. A snooze was in order as the Google Maps travel time advice had quoted 2h:15m and was out by 25 minutes, and so with my ‘buffer time’ I had  a good hour to watch the […]

Saturday 8th July, off road, Clarke’s Cafe Leatherhead

Bill Kent, Trevor Kite, Ed Pegg, Sean Slammon, Mick Curtis, Dave, ‘Digger’ Clarke, myself  and Bill Martin leading met at the usual location. The gamble was on, would we get wet or wouldn’t we, for the thunderstorm warnings had been issued for the day. Heavy spots of rain started as we left on our ride […]

Thursday 6th July, evening ride off road Platform 3, Claygate

Fifteen riders, a mix of Clarencourt and Kingston Phoenix, started at our usual meeting point in Nonsuch Park for Bill Martin’s beer and chip supper run to Claygate. A perfect summer’s evening, although at times riding towards a setting sun had some blinding effects that had trees appearing from nowhere! The crew on the outbound […]

Saturday 24th June, off road to Ockham Bites.

Five riders met at Nonsuch Park at the usual time. Adam Domaingue, Bill Kent, Mick Curtis, new rider Ed Pegg trying the club out for size and myself leading. The day was overcast, but humid and warm, and there was very little breeze on my ride over from Horton to the meeting point. We set […]

Sunday 18th June, Burghfield (Reading) to home

I awoke around 06:30hrs and immediately put my head out of the window to see if the thunderstorms had arrived. Luckily the grass was still like straw outside, and so for now we were safe from the previous night’s gloom and doom weather report. Breakfast was an odd mix. Being a service station hotel there […]

Saturday 17th June, Devizes to Burghfield (Reading) National Route Four

I awoke this morning at the Castle Hotel to telltale sloshing sounds on the road outside. A short, sharp shower had broken the heat of the previous day. We left on time at 09:30hrs after quick chain cleaning and re-lubing. Bill’s missing cleat bolt had been solved by the time I dragged my luggage down […]

Friday 16th June, off road Chepstow to Devizes

The group left at 09:30hrs from a hot, humid Chepstow, which this morning had the added entertainment of total power loss around 08:45hrs. The traffic lights being out gave the locals pause for thought. Glorious views from the old Severn Bridge this morning. Problems however after the bridge as a road on National Route Four […]

15th June, Cardiff to Chepstow, National Route Four.

Left Cardiff at 11:30hrs after Adam Domaingue arrived by train from London. The riders, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, myself and Bill Martin leading. In support in the ‘Van of Doom, Battle bus’, Denis Peacock. Weather good, hot, 79°F and a wind from the east around 6mph,just enough to cool the riders […]

Saturday 27th May, off road Reigate Hill Cafe

Seven riders out today: Sean Slammon, Mick Curtis, Adam Domaingue, Bill Kent, myself, with Bill Martin and Trevor Kite leading. Gloriously sunny day with not a cloud in the sky. An unusual ride for me as the car was sick I jumped on a train out in Berkshire to Kingston where I met Bill Kent […]