Club ride meeting points

Clarencourt Cycling club ride meeting points

Club ride meeting points are linked to Google Maps. If you prefer to use real maps rather than the web, the meeting places are listed at the bottom of the ride list. Map references are from Ordinance Survey Landranger series sheet 187 unless stated otherwise. Mountain bike rides meeting points vary widely and it is best to contact us to find out where we are meeting.

Club rides will always state which meeting point is being used for that ride.

Postcode – SM2 7BN

Map Reference – TQ24457, 63387

Postcode – KT4 8GA

Map Reference – TQ22417, 66327

Postcode – RH1 3EE

Map Reference – TQ29157, 53307

Postcode – KT22 7SQ

Map Reference – TQ16308, 56897

Postcode – KT20 7RW

Map Reference – TQ22682, 55357