Club Run MTB to West Clandon

West Clandon MTB ride Sunday 19 February 2012 Club Run MTB to West Clandon by hughes61 at Garmin Connect – Click “Details”. Andrew Adams, on his new cross bike, Andy Huddart and Trevor Hughes with very welcome guests Andy Pearce, Keith Rook, Jennifer and Matt. Sorry if some names are wrong but our memories are […]

Mick O'Brien memorial MTB ride

  MTB ride to Woking in memory of Mick O’Brien who had led the ride on several occasions. Nine riders took part in the ride, seven riders started at Cheam Station to be joined by two others at Cobham. They were Mick Ayiffe, Barry Gregory, Billy Mac Namara, Bob Green, Paul Kelly, Paul White, Andy […]

Paul Kelly's MTB ride & BBQ Sunday 4 September

Undeterred by the weather forecast Paul Kelly led Rob Starey, Mick Ayliffe, Trevor Hughes, Bob Green and guests Keith and Janice from the KPs on a MTB ride. Nonsuch Park, Hogsmill to Kingston, Bushey Park, Teddington, Thames Path to Richmond for coffee under threatening skies, Isleworth, Syon Park, Kew, Barnes, Chiswick and Hammersmith for shelter […]

Sunday Club Run 22 May 2011

Trevor, Paul White, Paul Martin and Dave Elliot joined me at the Swan and Sugar Loaf in South Croydon. the previous evening I had gone over my maps to plot out a route which would firstly include some new roads which the others may not have ridden before, and secondly to make sure that we […]

Sunday Club Run 24 April 2011

On a hazy but warm morning five riders gathered at the Swan and Sugar Loaf in South Croydon: Ev, Paul White, Billy McNamara, Alex Wall and Brian Harris for a post evening thunder storm ride into Kent. We set off up the Croham Road and then diverted, for a change, and climbed up Ballard’s Farm […]

Sunday Club Run 27 March 2011

It was the usual ride out up through Selsdon, Forestdale, Featherbed Lane and Beddlestead Lane which took us to the top of the North Downs in Surrey where we dropped down Titsey Hill into Limpsfield. Poor old Billy was having a hard time of it as he had been on some sort of diet the […]


Do not forget to put your clock forward by one hour when you go to bed tonight (26th March). If you do not you will arrive for tomorrows ride one hour too early and wonder where everyone else is! Remember that you will be out one hour earlier in real time (GMT) so it will […]

Sunday Club Run 27 February 2011

A tale of two rides: part one lead by Trevor and part two by Ev. Ev, Trevor, Andrew Adams, Brian Harris, Billy, Mick Ayliffe and Bob Green met up at Cheam station, with Mick and Bob making their way to the tea stop at Henfold Lake. The rest made their way on a lovely morning […]

Sunday Club Run 20 February 2011

Well, for the second week running Trevor & Billy were cursed by bad weather, only this time Ev, Tony M, Dave Elliot and Brian Harris joined the party with Dave starting his first ride in ages due to his bad back. It was a grim start with the weather forecast of the previous evening predicting […]