Mick O'Brien memorial MTB ride

Starting at Cheam Station at -3 degrees


MTB ride to Woking in memory of Mick O’Brien who had led the ride on several occasions. Nine riders took part in the ride, seven riders started at Cheam Station to be joined by two others at Cobham. They were Mick Ayiffe, Barry Gregory, Billy Mac Namara, Bob Green, Paul Kelly, Paul White, Andy Huddart, Trevor Hughes and Chris Devereux. Mick O’ must have been overseeing us as the weather was beautiful. The sky was blue and the sun was shining. which Mick would have loved


A larger group at Cobham including Mick O' B's sister Mary


It was wonderful to see Mick’s sister  Mamie, (Mary) and husband who greeted us at the official start in Horton Country Park and again at Cobham.


Mick accompanied us on the front of Paul White's Bike for all of the 51 miles


It was a great day. And yes, Mick’s spirit was with us all the way.


The Clarencourt Formation Cycling Team Training for the Olympic Opening Ceremony in July


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  1. A great ride. Looks like we need to work on the formation riding a bit, you should’ve seen the carnage after the synchro pair got it wrong and where was Red 9?

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