Club Run MTB to West Clandon

West Clandon MTB ride Sunday 19 February 2012

Club Run MTB to West Clandon by hughes61 at Garmin Connect – Click “Details”.
Andrew Adams, on his new cross bike, Andy Huddart and Trevor Hughes with very welcome guests Andy Pearce, Keith Rook, Jennifer and Matt. Sorry if some names are wrong but our memories are so poor! The route was through Nonsuch Park, along the River Hogsmill to Horton Country Park to collect Barry Gregory and Paul White.Then Epsom Common, Ashtead Common, through Leatherhead then an off-road climb along the River Mole and a descent for a further climb up to Ranmore Common. Trevor, Keith and both Andys continued on to Newlands Corner whilst the others kept on the road to West Clandon where they were all reunited. Due to the hard ride out it was decided to do more road riding on the way home. Jennifer and Matt left at various points on the way back to catch a train home. A good option is you have not been riding very much and the legs are tired. At Cobham Andy P and Kieth lead us off-road to Horton Country Park. Andrew managed well on the cross bike, only slipping and sliding a little more than the mountain bikes (subsequently referred to by Andrew as “wicked moments”) but once on the road he had an advantage.

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  1. Could not believe what fun can be had off-road. Downside was the hour spent cleaning the bike afterwards!! Just could have done with a little bit more traction in the really muddy bits….

    Wicked moments such as coming off on that steep rise and falling onto soft ground….(no pain!!!)… going into the fencing on another section and just missing the barbed-wire…..going off into the trees when I completely miss-judged the corner….so many really fun moments. It did occur to me afterwards that those following must have have a few difficult moments if they were close…..hopefully they understood it was my first time on a (to me at least) challenging off-road course!!

    Will definitely do more!!

    Many thanks to Trevor for organising such a good ride.

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