Sunday Club Run 27 March 2011

It was the usual ride out up through Selsdon, Forestdale, Featherbed Lane and Beddlestead Lane which took us to the top of the North Downs in Surrey where we dropped down Titsey Hill into Limpsfield.

Poor old Billy was having a hard time of it as he had been on some sort of diet the previous week and felt short of strength! However, he battled on bravely.

We crossed the A25 and rode down through Crowhurst and Lingfield before heading for East Grinstead via the short but sharp Baldwin’s Hill. Through East Grinstead we then headed west to Turners Hill. For once and easterly wind pushed us towards the top with Alex almost hanging on to me as my computer showed 18mph in places and never dropped below 16.5.

Mick was waiting at Tulley’s, in lovely sunshine which totally contradicted the Met Office forecast. Billy decided to head back to Three Bridges with Mick for a train ride home. Dave, Alex and I headed back through Copthorne, Smallfield, climbing the Nutfield ridge, Mersterham, Star Lane and Chipstead.

Considering how long he has been off the bike, Dave rode a blinder today and must be really pleased with his ride; especially as he did not have the “usual consequences” to look forward to this time. Alex is also showing a lot of promise but is currently handicapped by his lack of knowledge of this part of the country!

Croydon to Croydon was 51.9 miles ridden in 3-19-31 at an average (for me) of 15.6mph.

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