Saturday 1st Feb Offroad ride report

After Sean had “disposed” of Bill in the muddy waters of the Hogsmill river, Micky was about to lob his Bike after him… …and it had all started so well. The 3 riders met at Nonsuch on a sunny morning and took a slipery descent down the Vampire run. Passed the Phoenix Trail Riders who […]

Sunday 2nd February 2020 Off Road Ride to Putney via the Wandle Trail

Off Road Ride to Putney along the Wandle Trail starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Carshalton Ponds 9:30am. The pace is about 10 mph. Please leave a comment if you wish to ride stating where you will meet us. Trevor P.S.  rain is forecast early but better later so I will […]

29th Jan Offroad ride report

The Headless rider (aka Philip) was at Nonsuch for this week’s night ride… …the others were Bill, Trevor, Micky and Andy. Took a direct route to Ashtead Common where Micky left for home and Trevor’s dodgy valve played up again and his £5 Chinese Tyres were a worry😝.!!! Plenty of mud located, so the Hippo […]

Sunday 26 January 2020 Road Ride to Strawberry Fields Horsham

The designated Club ride is to Strawberry Fields, Café near Horsham but I will review the weather forecast on Sunday and if rain is forecast for early afternoon I will decide to have a shorter ride. May be it will be a loop round to Leatherhead.  Meet at Cheam 9:00am with pickup at Walton On the […]