Sunday 26 January 2020 Road Ride to Strawberry Fields Horsham

The designated Club ride is to Strawberry Fields, Café near Horsham but I will review the weather forecast on Sunday and if rain is forecast for early afternoon I will decide to have a shorter ride. May be it will be a loop round to Leatherhead.  Meet at Cheam 9:00am with pickup at Walton On the […]

Sunday 5 January 2020 off road ride to West End Pavilion Café Esher

Sunday I will lead the OFF road ride starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Horton Country Park 9:45am, to Café in Esher. Approx. 30 miles 10 mph. Please leave a comment if you intend to ride and if you are meeting us in Horton . Trevor

Sunday Road Ride 29 December 2019

I am still recovering from a cold so not riding. The designated Club ride is to Strawberry Fields Café near Horsham. Meet at Cheam 9:00am with pickup at Leatherhead BR Station at 9:45, approximately 50 miles, av. 14 – 15 mph. Alternatively, if you are recovering from Christmas you can decide on a shorter ride. Please leave a […]

Sunday 15 December 2019 Pre lunch road ride/off road to Leatherhead

Meeting at Cheam BR Station at 9am. Road Ride to Leatherhead. Pick up Walton-on Hill Pond 9:45. Short ride and coffee stop in Leatherhead so that we can get back home in time to go to the Christmas club lunch in Epsom at The Haywain Pub at 2pm. Please leave a comment if you wish to […]