Sat 20th April Offroad ride report

Bill and Mick of the Clarencourt met up with Gareth, Alex and Rohan of Phoenix, Rode over to Horton where Paul White was waiting along with another rider Bill(2). Some contraversy over the number of riders in the group was had, with Alex claiming additional (phantom) cyclist. Took a route through Ashtead park and 30 […]

Wed 17th April Offroad ride report

A group of 6 met at Nonsuch including Roham suffering with cold but keeping his 100% attendance intact. Took a route through Worcester Park and the Hamptons towards New Malden where Philip popped into his office to answer a couple of E Mails😊 . Micky C headed back at Berrylands and the remainder of us […]

Wed 10th April Offroad ride report

Still 3 riders down injured, but 7 riders made 7pm start at Nonsuch, Trevor, Rohan, Steve, Andy P and James was in talkative mood so Bill knew he was there😊. Made it over to “the Vampire ” Just before the light faded but Andy H still managed to take a tumble. Carried on through the […]

Thursday 4t April Offroad ride report

Clarencourt were 2 riders down at start due to Trevor and Digger Dave mishaps at weekend (Get better soon chaps). Eight riders at Nonsuch were Bill Rohan Andy Young Trevor Micky Freddy Barry and James. Ended up in Harrow for grub, but missed Bob Green and 3 others who were in the Railway!