Ride report: Saturday 25th Jan MTB Ashtead

Four riders met at Cheam Station Southside at 09:00hrs, Dave Rapson, Bill Martin, Mick Curtis and myself leading the gig. The weather was damp and gloomy with a little drizzle in the air, gloomy enough to put our flashing bike lights on. Our route took us out through the fields of East Ewell and out […]

Ride report: Saturday 18th January MTB East Molesey

Six riders met at Cheam Station south side at 09:00hrs – Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Sean Slammon, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite and myself leading. Our ride took us out through the usual Nonsuch Park avoiding the joggers and slithering down to the Ewell bypass to cross through the back of Ewell to the Hogsmill River. […]

Ride report: Sunday 5th January MTB Garson’s Farm

Four riders met at Horton Country Park for the MTB ride. Mick Curtis and Trevor Hughes met at Cheam with Paul White and Dave Clarke meeting them at Horton. The day was overcast, damp and cold with very little chance of us seeing any sunshine during the day. With Trevor leading the ride we went out […]

Ride report: 1st January 2020 MTB Ashtead

Eight riders had recovered enough from New Year’s Eve to meet in the afternoon at 13:00hrs by Nonsuch Mansion House: Paul White, Mick Curtis, Trevor Kite, Tracey Caudle, Dave Clarke, Trevor Hughes, Sean Slammon and Bill Martin leading. Bill took us out towards Nork via various bridleways and across the top end of  Priest Hill. […]

Ride report: Saturday 4th January MTB Leatherhead

Four riders met at Cheam Station south side today: Mick Curtis, Dave Repson, Sean Slammon and myself leading. Today’s route took us the usual Nonsuch, Ewell, Horton Park route and then across Ashtead Common and Ashtead Park. We climbed a little to the bridleway towards Stane Street and dropped into a Leatherhead via the footbridge […]

Saturday 4th January MTB Leatherhead

Meet: 09:00hrs Cheam Station south side. Not as shown on the runs list a ‘switch around’ as we went to Ashtead last week due to the uncertainties on which cafes would be open in Leatherhead during the Xmas period. As usual this time of year watch the blog 07:30hrs Saturday for possible cancellations due to […]

Ride report: Saturday 28th December, MTB Leatherhead detoured to Ashtead

  Four riders met at Cheam Station south side at 09:00hrs, well it was chronologically, but it seemed daylight had other ideas. It was still dark at 08:00hrs as I drove across to meet the club and an hour later at nine it was gloomy, overcast and as weather reports had already suggested, ‘thick cloud.’ […]