Ride report: Sunday 7th July MTB Bocketts Farm, Leatherhead

Five riders met at Cheam Station on a less than enthralling ‘weatherwise’ day: Mick Curtis, Bill Martin, Dave Rapson, Dave Elliott and myself leading. My enthusiasm for the ride still bubbling from yesterday’s lovely sunny MTB ride was soon dampened as I drove over that morning from Berkshire to find it pouring with rain almost […]

Ride report: Saturday 6th July MTB Stoke D’Abernon

Four riders met at Cheam Station for the ride: Mick Curtis, Chris Messett, Bob Green and myself leading. It was good to see Bob Green who was joining us just for a short ride as he had a prior afternoon gig. Bob turned and headed back doing a loop of Horton Park and we parted […]

Ride report: Saturday 22nd June MTB Ashtead

Three riders departed Cheam Station Southside for Ashtead. Mick Curtis, Myself leading and new rider Kathleen, out with us for the MTB ride trying us out for size. This was the first Saturday ride this year I have been confident enough regarding the weather to wear shorts! Blue sky’s, nil wind and starting temperature of […]