Sunday 6 September 2020 MTB Ride along Wandle

Six riders, Paula Dixon, Paul White, Dave Clarke, Dave Rapson, Bill Martin and I,  left Cheam Railway Station to collect five riders, Mick Curtis, Sean Slammon, Adam Domaigue, Tracey and Trevor, at Carshalton Ponds. We then reorganised into two groups. I lead one group with Paula, Dave C, Bill and Sean. The other group was lead by Paul White. We agreed to go to the Windmill Café on Wimbledon Common by riding along the Wandle to Putney. My group then followed the River Thames and turned left off the river path to follow “Route 4” and avoid the no cycling path through Barnes Common. Detoured round and arrived at Barnes Station then through the tunnel and across the Common where we found we were back on the route to Wimbledon Common. We rode across the Common keeping on the main track. It seems all the side tracks are sign posted “No Cycling”. The Windmill Café over was over crowded, as the other group had found earlier. They went on to Richmond Park and we headed to Raynes Park but on the way decided to go to Woodies at New Malden. A good decision as there it wasn’t  crowded and we were able to have some good food and refreshment. Although we detoured we didn’t deviate very far from the route. The only problem we had was finding a crossing over the A3 to get to Woodies, which we managed by retracing a short distance back along the A3. Paula had a small tumble but was unharmed. She did well on the ride and found the deep sand on Wimbledon Common challenging. 36 miles av. 9.1 mph. Attached is a link which should show the route:-

MTB 6 Sep 2020

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