Sunday 5th May – Swinley Trail Centre

Away day at Swinley trail centre is planned for the 5th May. We are meeting near to St Annes Church, 45 Church Rd, Bagshot GU19 5EQ at 9.30am. From here there is a track (vicarage road) which takes us straight to Swinley. We will do a few trails in the morning, then ride (off-road mostly) to Crowthorne where there are options for lunch. Then back into the forest for more trails in the afternoon.

Riders need to organise their own transport to Bagshot.


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  1. See you at the meeting point.
    I’m going to have to read a map on the way across, parts of that lower area are unknown to me.
    I’ll try and be on time, but may end up meeting you on the Vicarage Road on your way up to Swinley.

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