Sunday 5 August 2018 Off Road ride to Horley

Leader required. Off Road ride to Horley, Cheam BR Station south side 9am, pick up Walton-on-Hill 9:45 also pick-up, possibility that Paul Martin and Dave Elliott will be at South Exit from Gatton Park at 10:30am. Sunshine and high temperatures guaranteed! Please leave a comment if you wish to ride.

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  1. I’ll leave Cheam station 0900 on my eMTB and hope I have enough battery to get to Horley. I’ll go by road to Walton on the Hill in case anyone starts from there. Then across the golf course to Reigate hill hoping to I meet Paul White through Gatton Park in case Paul and Dave are at the exit and maybe I’ll get to Horley and someone else will be there! Will I get home?

    • New member?

      Would you mind adding your surname please.

      It gets confusing as we have two other Daves and in my case three Pauls.

  2. I’ll be south side of Gatton with my mucker mad Dave Elliott at 10.00.
    Look forward to meeting anyone who turns up !

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