Sunday 13 September Special Road Ride to Shoreham by Sea

Dave E, Sean and Trevor met at 8 a.m. Walton-on-Pond, to ride to Shoreham. First stop was in Horsham for breakfast after 20miles and then 22 miles on to Shoreham. A stop there for lunch in the Green King’s Pub called Waterside. They sat outside and consumed some fine food and refreshment. The return route retraced the out route around Shoreham Airport and the lanes and minor roads to near Horsham where the route detoured up Wimlands Hill through Rusper and Newdigate. A coffee stop for Trevor and Sean at Rykers whilst Dave pressed on home up Boxhill Trevor and Sean then plodded on and followed Dave up the Zig Zags. A lovely sunny day riding up and down hills in the lanes. Sean and Dave rode 100 miles and Trevor only 94 and climbed 4,500 feet. Well done Sean riding his first 100 miles, ever, on his new road bike that he only bought a few weeks ago. ¬†Dave suggested that we have a similar special ride to Brighton next month to the Regency Fish Restaurant.

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