Saturday MTB Ride To Walton Bridge

Two very wet riders meet at Nonsuch Park. Dave “The Big” Rapson and myself Adam “Admo” Domingue.

Its had been lashing it down all the way to the park but was stopping as we met.  Dave commented on the fact he had virtually no rear brakes so the ride was done at a more steady pace than usual.

We left the park following the Hogs Mill River to Kingston and Bushy Park. Then via the outskirts of Sunbury to Walton Bridge.

There we were greeted by Paul White and Barry Gregory. They were the sensible ones and had driven to avoid the early down pour.

After a good chat, a vast amount of calories and well earned rest we headed back via Esher Common, Ashtead, Chessington and on to Nonsuch Park where we parted ways. By the time I got home I have covered 41.30 miles. Not bad as we both hadn’t ridden for at least 2 weeks.

Great Ride



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