Saturday 4th February, off road Bockett’s Farm

Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Bill Martin, Mick Curtis, Dave Elliott and myself out today. I led the ride on a somewhat dreary, overcast day. Still there was very little wind and it was dry, so more pluses than minuses.

Adam points out the lovely snowdrops in Nonsuch Park as Dave Clarke wasn’t out today, and he is a keen horticulturist.

A very brief glimpse of the Hogsmill River today as we almost immediately left it for the south western back streets of Ewell heading towards Epsom Common. After climbing through the burbs of Ashtead we headed for Stane Street and the field trail to the M25 overbridge near Leatherhead. We dropped south of the town, crossed the River Mole and ascended towards Hawke’s Hill, a steep, short and not so sweet climb before descending south to Bockett’s Farm for elevenses.

A nice warm barn with eager young staff provided just what we all needed in sustenance. Thank you to Adam for the tea and breakfast voucher, for your’s truly had left his wallet behind on the kitchen table today!

Our ride back took the usual quick route back to keep Dave Rapson on time for his work shift. It was north through the burbs of Leatherhead, onto the west side of Epsom Common and back towards Horton. The group carried on towards Sutton, etc, whilst I loaded up the bike into the car for home at Horton Country Park.

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