Saturday 2nd July, off road to Wild Brunch, Walton on Thames

Three riders turned out for today’s club run: Mick Curtis, new member Bill Kent (welcome, Bill!) and myself leading. Alas, a bit thin on the ground this weekend due to various members off on holiday, sunning themselves in various places around the world.

Being bored of Chessington and Claygate for a route, I took us out over the corner of Epsom Common and across the A24 into Prince’s Coverts, which is just south of ‘Chessington World of traffic jams’!
The Coverts were empty and we didn’t see a soul; presumably everyone is now doing what they used to do on Saturday mornings before lockdown.

During the transit of Epsom Common the familiar hum of Mick Curtis’s ‘leccy bike’ motor disappeared! Much consternation and a little backtracking revealed he was enjoying a ‘Fox Talbot’ moment and had just stopped to take a picture of  the flowers in the adjacent field.

The Clarencourt members are not only bike riders, but also artists, photographers and singers!

The weather was behaving itself just for a change. A very nice 67°F and the wind from the west @10mph. That bode very well, a ‘chuff wind’ for the ride back. A few horse riders were encountered on our way to Arbrook Common, with whom we passed pleasantries as we waited for them to pass.

Soon we were in the ‘burbs of Thames Ditton and getting closer and closer to the Thames. The three musketeers eventually arrived on the Thames Tow Path about a mile east of the scheduled tea stop. We carefully negotiated our way through the myriad of children on bikes, joggers, parents and those with hands together praying to their mobile devices.  Triumphantly the happy trio arrived at the cafe just on 11:00hrs.

After refuelling we headed up and over the bridge at Walton to the river’s west side and back via Kempton, Hampton Wick and Bushey Park. Bill parted company with us at Bushey Park and headed for home in Twickenham. Mick and I then pushed on via Kingston, the Hogsmill River and split up for home just after Chessington.

Good Ride, chaps.

Paul White



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