Saturday 27th May, off road Reigate Hill Cafe

Seven riders out today: Sean Slammon, Mick Curtis, Adam Domaingue, Bill Kent, myself, with Bill Martin and Trevor Kite leading. Gloriously sunny day with not a cloud in the sky.

An unusual ride for me as the car was sick I jumped on a train out in Berkshire to Kingston where I met Bill Kent for the ride across to Nonsuch Park.

Lots of hills today, but worth it for some fantastically clear views from the top of the North Downs. One front wheel puncture on the way back near Epsom Downs. New tyre Mick, that one’s Kojaked!

Bill Martin led us out and Trevor Kite led us back. After returning to Nonsuch, Bill Kent and I retraced our route to Kingston where he headed for home in Twickenham and I headed to Richmond to meet my Good Lady Wife and a lift home to Berkshire.

Forty-five miles for me, moby ran out of juice just before end of ride.

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