Saturday 26th November, off road Baton ride.

Nine riders out today: Bill Kent, Adam Domaingue, Dave Rapson, Tracy Caudle, Trevor Kite, Gareth Moss, Dave Clarke, myself and Bill Martin leading for the first half hour.

Bill Martin had come up with a new concept called ‘Baton’.

Bill says: “A Baton ride is where the lead is shared, whoever has the ‘baton’ leads wherever they like for at least 30 minutes, when they get bored  they hand the baton over. The aim is to get to a cafe before 11.30 without the group splitting up!!! , but pretty much pure Anarchy????‍♀️”.

Bill led, then Dave Rapson, passing to Tracy, then on to Trevor and finally to me for the landing at whatever tea shop we were closest to. The route out followed the Hogsmill River by various paths to Tolworth, doubled back to Chessington South area, Claygate and Arbrook Common. The tea stop ended up being a nice little cafe in a residential area of Thames Ditton.

The conditions in places were mud of various consistencies, slippery, hilly or flat depending on who happen to be leading at the time. Most of us ended up adding a couple of pounds to our bikes in London clay, and Tracy ground to a halt at one point with clogged rear wheel! The weather was brighter than expected as the cloud hadn’t thickened as much as forecast, which made the temperature more pleasant.

The route back was led by Bill Martin, Dave Clarke, Gareth Moss and was through Hersham, West End Common, Esher Common, Prince’s Covert’s and Epsom Common.

A very interesting concept of ride and I’m sure we’ll use the idea again.

25 miles.

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