Saturday 25th August MTB Leatherhead

Mick Curtis and Paul White to the Leatherhead cafe from Cheam Station.

We had reasonable weather although there was a damp chill in the air for the first hour or so due to the previous night’s rain.

The usual route out and back via Nonsuch, Horton and Ashtead Common was used.

A chance question by Mick in the cafe, “Did I want to look at the menu?” lead to foolishly in my case ordering ‘Breakfast number one’.

A lovely breakfast but huge. If that was number one I dread to think how big breakfast number five might be!

The ride back was a little more strenuous due to ‘Breakfast number one’, however by the middle of Ashtead Common blood circulation had diverted away from my stomach and more towards my legs!

A nice morning’s ride.

Miles: 22

Time: @ 2.5 hours.


Paul White

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