Saturday 22nd January, MTB Rykas, Box Hill

Digger, Trev k, Adam, Big Dave, Tracy and Gareth met bright and early at Nonsuch Park. After letting Digger eat some food we head off up towards Banstead Station. Going through a footpath Dave and Adam were told off whilst Tracey and Digger were offered cake. Alas cakeless we continued towards a golf club somewhere where Trev said that we should use the bridleway not the footpath. It was here where we experienced a hippo ride without Bill. Tracey disappointed not to see Digger fall off sped off in an attempt to catch Trev.

Once at Box Hill the customary photo of proof that we were there was taken before rushing down the hill at responsible speeds. We made it to Rykas to meet Paul White. Disappointed that he had not bought us all a coffee Digger went into thr cafe to get his own. After some rest and banter we departed in two groups. One group taking the leisurely straight route along the A24, and the second group with Digger, Trev, Tracey and Adam going up past the stepping stones pub toward brocket farm. Going down a pretty rooty track Digger realised his front mudguard was not properly attached. Adam endured the stench coming from behind him to help fit it back on. We then continued towards Brocket Farm and decided to go up to the downs for Ice Cream (after all we are in training). Once there we didn’t have Ice Cream. Tracey, Trev and Adam left to venture back to their homes. Adam rushing back for his dinner dance that he was scared he would miss. (Close call there!) Digger had planned to go down the rifle butt ally. However, due to some overuse by the Clarencourt cycling club on Wednesday rides it was closed for repair. So he ended up going through the golf club and past Epsom college on his way home. Good ride all and cheers to those who took the detour back from Rykas.

Dave Clarke

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