Ride Report: Saturday 22nd February, MTB Leatherhead

Four riders met at Cheam Station south side on a very blustery day, Dave Rapson, Mick Curtis, Dave Elliott and my good self leading the ride. We set off across Nonsuch Park which was minus its entrance gates, someone had driven through them whilst locked!
On our return journey, weaving in and out of the crazy dogs, a burnt out car was being removed and so we surmised that the ‘knuckles dragging’ young locals had stolen a car!

The route was a little different today as I was trying my best to keep in areas of shelter from the gusty wind; sometimes it actually worked. We headed out through West Ewell and picked up a cycle path through a place called Long Grove Park which is just a little east of Horton Country Park. It also leads you out on to Epsom Common, which was our general direction today.

After crossing that Common, where as usual my mental navigation had problems reversing landmarks on that part of the route, we reached Ashtead Common. Of course despite a slight route deviation error nobody in the group mentioned it much! In Lower Ashtead I took a path that hides the M25 and its noise from the town by a big long wooden fence. We then ‘iggy wiggied’ our way down  to Leatherhead High Street and elevenses at Clarke’s.

After refuelling we used the ‘Mick Ayliffe route’ to return, through the back doubles over and under the M25 at Junction nine then followed the A243 Kingston Road back onto the north side of Ashtead Common near Malden Rushett. Horton Park was soggy but mostly devoid of people, probably due to the blustery wind, and we did find some thick mud to sink into.

The rest of the ride was reasonably uneventful although some dog owners in the canine menagerie formally known as Nonsuch Park almost went home without pets today. Thankfully no animal was hurt as the cyclists were alert, which is more than some of the dog owners were! 😂


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