Ride Report: Saturday 19th October, MTB The Medicine Garden, Cobham

Mick Curtis and yours truly met at Cheam Station at the usual 09.00hrs. The weather was mild, although overcast some of the morning with winds from the south west. We did, however, see some sunshine from time to time.

The first part of the ride took us out the usual way through the back of Ewell along the Hogsmill River and out to Chessington South via a side road paralleling Horton Park and taking us to Castle Hill.

The route after crossing the Leatherhead Road then took us up Barwell Farm Lane avoiding the well known ‘Flood of Doom’ route in favour of the bridleway next to the fields overlooking Chessington World of Adventure’s overflow car park field. The bridleway is being rebuilt and all the pot holes are being filled in, and so another little semi technical bit will disappear for a while. After dropping south across Claygate Common we headed back over the A3 again in the direction of Fairoak Lane (Malden Rushett to Oxshott Road link) and into Prince’s Coverts. This was a very muddy section after all the rain this week and had us both  slipping and sliding all over the place.

After crossing Prince’s Coverts we headed down Bridle Lane and into Stoke D’Abernon heading for the River Mole and the footbridge to Cobham Park. The River Mole was high, fast and angry as we crossed after all this week’s rain and was probably flowing at around 15mph, not something to fall into today!

At The Medicine Garden we were greeted by the young lady serving with an advisory that tea was the only hot drink available due to a burst pipe outside, (Where’s a Plumber when you need one!). Alas after requesting a second cup of tea we found we’d exhausted their reserve supply of stored hot water also, so rationing had started!

All was not lost for the little cafe for as we left a perplexed and mildly grumpy Plumber was repairing their problem and no doubt everyone was happy soon after. Especially the Plumber, Saturday emergency call out should make him a happy chappie. £££ 👍😀👍

Our return journey was retracing our steps back along Cobham Park Road, using the bridleway alongside the Beaumont Plantation and back over the River Mole to Stoke D’Abernon.  After crossing Blundel Lane which runs between Stoke D’Abernon and the Oxshott Road, we headed right onto the mild climb of Bridle Lane and then into Prince’s Coverts land again for a little splashing around in the mud by way of a short cut to get us back to Telegraph Hill/Leatherhead Road. We crossed the road and followed the usual route through Ashtead Common, Horton Park, the Hogsmill and back through Nonsuch Park to Cheam.

Paul White


Miles 27.3

Time 3:00 hours


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