MTB Ride To Bocketts Farm 9/03/24

6 riders met in a sunny Nonsuch park. Bill Kent, David Elliot, Trevor Hughes, Ed Pegg, Sean Slammon and myself Adam Domaingue. I was very quiet as the park run had been cancelled so no dodging runners as we left the park. Heading off we followed the Hogsmill River to Horton Park. Being a sunny day there was the usual rouge dog and runner, but we made it to Horton to be meet by Digger Dave, Cam Watson, Tracy Caudle and Trevor Kite.

From there the magnificent 10 made their way over Ashtead Common, then through Leatherhead picking up the trail at the rear of the leisure centre. As we made our way up the last short climb up to Bockets Farm we were met by our newly appointed roving reporter and camera man Bill Martin. Cameras flashed and abuse was hurled as we slogged our way to the summit. There we regrouped and made our way to the farm.

The Café on the farm in always empty at this time, with only a few people braving the spring sun outside. The foods always good there but the prices seem to be going up????. It was great to see Bill and after eating we all lined up for a club picture in the sun. There we said our goodbyes and made our way back down towards leatherhead, where Trevor Hughes and David Elliot left us to take a different route home.

The idea was to use the same route back but Digger Dave had other plans. This involved climbing up Downs Lane towards Ashtead and then over Epsom Downs. A bit more climbing than we all expected and that included Digger…! Once over the Downs, Digger and Cam headed off home and the last of us made our way down towards Bansted golf course and over Track 40 before parting ways at Belmont station. From there I dropped down into Carshalton where a well-earned shower was awaiting for me.

A great ride was had and the sun was greatly appreciated. 28.50 Miles for me ????



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