MTB to Leatherhead Sat 13th Jan 2018

Three riders at Cheam Station 0900hrs.

The welcome return of the “Top Man” himself  Mr Ayliffe after an absence and regulars Mick C and Paul White.

This was a gentle ride off road to Leatherhead, as MJA stated due to various reasons, “This is the farthest I’ve ridden since last October!”

The route took use out via Nonsuch Park, down into Ewell Village and onto the Hogsmill River.

Following this we headed south after a while across Horton Park, Ashtead Common and out onto Telegraph Hill, the A24 using the cycle path that neatly takes us down under then over the junction with the M25.

We then perambulated the old A24 road through Leatherhead taking a right at the railway bridge onto a very convenient cycle path paralleling the railway line, past the Royal Mail Delivery Office,       (The site is big Barry, took a look on’t way back, the telephone exchange is on the same site) turned left and crossed the old Leathethead Bridge over the river Mole to the cafe and ‘elevenses’.

Upon seating ourselves, within minutes a fourth member of the club arrived Barry G.  Much social intercourse took place, but alas after  sustinance had been consumed in various quantities we had to depart our separate ways, Barry back towards Hersham and the three of us to retrace our steps back via Ewell and Nonsuch to home.

@22 miles, time irrelevant, it’s the company that’s important.


Paul White

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