Friday 26th April, Isle of Wight recce.

The quartet met at the pre-planned elevenses spot on Southsea beach front. Myself and Dave Rapson from the Berkshire chapter and Bill Martin, Adam Domaingue from the Surrey massive.

We made the ferry with plenty of time to spare despite finding out there were two Ibis Hotel car parks, but that’s another story. Whilst on the ferry celebrity Alan Titchmarsh was spotted trying to keep a low profile and not be recognised. Once at Fishbourne the keys to the support vehicle were handed over to Bill for a familiarisation session, which he passed.

The decision as to whether ride that afternoon was already made when I discovered via WhatsApp the trio were already supping frothy coffees in the nearby Beefeater.

After a small siesta it was into Newport town for the evening meal in a very nice old nautical themed pub with tons of history. A few beverages were also partaken of during the evening, which included attempting to play pool. Where’s ‘Hussler’ Denbo Peacock when you need him!


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