Club MTB Leatherhead

Three riders left Cheam Station this morning in unseasonably warm weather 25C although with a blustery south west wind to contend with.

Paul White, Mick Curtis and Paul Martin headed out through the back souther corner of Nonsuch Park (avoiding the crowds of joggers!) and into Ewell to pick up the Hogsmill river for a short while.

We then traversed Horton Park passing pleasantries with the Kingston Phoenix Cycle Club group at their ten o’clock meeting spot before heading across Ashtead Common.

As we crossed the common we got drizzled on by the only cloud for miles. It was obviously a cloud the BBC Weather didn’t know about judging by today’s ‘Sunny no rain’ report across our route!

After Ashtead Common we dropped into Leatherhead and delays due to a tempory traffic light set on Kingston Road which caused chaos being a ‘Five exit control’ set.

At the cafe we met Barry Gregory.

We retraced the same route back with minor variations with nothing to report other than Mick Curtis having a slow front wheel puncture.

22.6 miles for me.

Paul White

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