Saturday 9th October MTB Ride To Rykas


2 Riders met on a very foggy morning at Horton Park at 9.30, Dave Clarke and myself Adam Domaingue.

We left the park (lights on) heading south passing through Ashtead common and across to Epsom Common.

Then heading up through Headley Heath and across to the top of Box hill. Stopping at the hill to take the usual selfie to prove we made it..

We were in glorious sunshine at the top but looking down all we saw was cloud.

We made our way down the hill on the grass a lot slower than usual as spotting the walkers and there

doggy companions was not easy with the low visibility.

On arriving at our stop we were greeted by Paul White, without cycle and Mick Curtis with cycle.

After refuelling and saying our farewells we made our way up Westhumble St, past the station and climbed up through

Norbury Park, then passing Bocketts farm, Leatherhead and back through Ashtead Common to Horton Park.

There I left Dave and made my way back to Carshalton.

Was great to see all. 40.29 miles done. Great ride


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