Tuesday 21th September OHG ride

Trevor Hughes, Jim Harwood and Mick Ayliffe with the OHG to Heaven Farm at Danes Hill and High Beeches. There was mist at the start of the ride but later warm and sunny. Trevor suffered a puncture before Turners Hill which he stopped while the others road on. At the top of Turners Hill the ride split with Mick and Brian Staples to High Beeches and the remainder of the riders to Dane Hill except for Steve and Ray who returned down the hill to collect Trevor. Then they powered on to Dane Hill behind Steve. Trevor struggling with heart rate going into the 170’s and Ray twiddling away on his 72 inch fixed. He recons his max is 160 rpm but “it’s difficult to see the figure on the Garmin when you are going that fast”! Steve said he was not trying to catch the others but they arrived first. Obviously the others took a longer route, well, that’s what they said! 80 miles round trip from Epsom at nearly 16 mph. Trevor Hughes

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