Surrey Cycle Racing League 4-up 2011

Surrey Cycle Racing League 4-up Team Time Trial Championship 2011

Our promotion of the Surrey League’s 4-up TTT championship held on September 10 went off well and was won by Phil Corley Cycles. We had 21 teams (84 riders) including 3 women’s teams which is a vindication of our more pro-active promotion of the event.

Every team started and finished. Our lads, John Aitken, Barry Allen, Jim Harwood and Billy McNamara rode well and gave Billy his first experience of TTT-ing. The organization was a close run thing though and our thanks go to those who did their bit and especially to those who switched or were switched to Plan B with little notice. In particular Chris Devereux did the signing on until 1.25 and then switched to pusher-offer at 1.33, Denbo had to do his corner alone with nobody to talk to or to listen and Roger Smith filled various roles in locum Barry Gregory who was very ill for the week.

The canteen team of Jane, Mary, Sheila, Jim, John and Billy (the very same who’d just finished racing) made a miraculous profit which paid for the helpers lunch packs. Only later was it revealed that this probably resulted from Mrs Adams’ refusal to give change to the punters (when I had been tallying up, I was a bit mystified by the large number of pound coins and the paucity of small change). Still the principle is good; the riders paid for the marshals lunch!

That’s the first time that’s happened. Although the weather threatened to be bad we got away with just a brief shower. We “lost” quite a few race aids (signs, red flags and tabards); please could you search your cars, bags etc for missing items and return them? Especially look out for anyone wearing a chequered flag. We have a load of mainly start-line pictures on a disc taken by Allan Hopkins. If you’re interested then ask Mick. We got plaudits (with a very few exceptions) all round for a good race and the club’s reputation was enhanced. Very many thanks to everyone involved in today’s race that got plenty of good comments from the riders. You all did us proud.

Thanks again,

Mick Ayliffe


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