Seeing as the Hythe ride is cancelled, does anyone fancy a spin?  Supposed to rain about 1 o clock, so would like to be back before then.  If that changes i might cancel.  Could meet earlier if that helps??

Sort out destination in the morning…..or perhaps a very flat blast to Windsor for a change???

Any takers??



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  1. Ok meet 9am as usual….i’m out with the dog at 6.30 so if weather report changes i’ll post before 7.30…

    Ride…coffee…cake…back for the Grand Prix, Football, Cricket….any other sport and then the washing up!!!!!!!

    Now it’s Rugby and cheap wine….see you all in the morning

  2. Hahaha top effort from the battery though!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone got back safely, i suppose a ride in the rain was gonna happen at some stage…just tipped half a pint out of my shoes…..happy days

  3. Yep thanks Vinny for a memorable ride. The longest my battery has ever done but pedals felt very heavy in last couple of miles! Could have been worse though. We could have been in the middle of Romney Marsh! Thanks to all. Mick

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