Sunday 9 February

Ride to Horsham Conservatory starting Cheam BR Station South Side 9am with pick-up at Walton-on-Hill pond 9:45am. Please leave a comment if you intend to ride. Leader required as some of us are in France.

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  1. I hope to be at Cheam 0900 Sunday with ebike aiming for Horsham probably using the train to Dorking – if there is one! Mick

  2. HI I am happy to lead this ride but will be at Walton on the Hill at 9.45 if you can make your way there from Cheam I will see you there.

  3. I can be at cheam at 9 in case anyone doesn’t know the way out to cheam. If no one comments I shall go straight to Walton for 9:45.

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