Sunday 6th March MTB ride report

Dave Repson and Paul White met at Cheam Station and followed the usual route up through and across the south of Sutton dropping down to Carshalton and onto the Wandle Trail.

The route was the usual run except at the back of the Tooting & Mitcham football ground the route went via an ‘Iggy Wiggy’ new trail along the river that leads out onto Bishopsford Road in the same place and across into Ravensbury Park.

The ride then followed the usual route along the Wandle through Morden Park to Merton Abbey.

We then turned left and headed via some side roads through Merton Park and ‘Some little roads that looked like they may be possible footpaths’ to the top and onto Wimbledon Common.

On this trip no miserable, grumpy dog owners were encountered and no moans about riding on common land were heard.

After crossing Wimbledon Common, where it was noted someone has remove the sails for the windmill we peddled our way through Putney Heath and Putney Village. It was at this point an impatient BMW driver tried his best to impale himself on the front of an on coming vehicle whilst overtaking us two lone single file cycliss in Telegraph Road, SW15 much to my amusement.

If he’d succeeded I wouldn’t be writing this now, for I would be in hospital having ribs reset from breaking them with uncontrollable laugher at the scene!

We descended gently through the back streets of Putney and elevenses at ‘The Rocket’ a Wetherspoons establishment.

For those of you that regularly worship at these establishment owned by the pub group. An exclusive interview was held with a very nice you lady manager and the hot question of closure was posed along with asking for her phone number.

In a reply today from her she revealed that the establishment was on the market earlier this year, but has subsequently been removed and will continue as a Wetherspoons for the foreseeable future.

However the question of her phone number she stated to me was classified!

After elevenses we rolled our way back through Wandsworth and then back onto the Wandle Trail to Carshalton.
Dave and I parted company at Sutton.

For me thirty miles and for Dave a little more. Very enjoyable day and the cold weather didn’t dampen the spirits.

Paul White.

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  1. Thanks of the ride today paul really enjoyed it and your ride report somes up the ride fantastically.

  2. Well done boys, good report Paul, would have liked to be with you , but other duties called today, thanks again, Barry.

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