Sunday 17 November Ride Report

Andrew Adams, Brian Harris, Bob Green, Trevor and Electric Mick met at Cheam Station. Electric Mick went on the direct route and the others to Merstham to meet Dave Elliott. There was a puncture before Merstham. Trevor changed the inner tube and successfully inflated the tyre with a gas cylinder, on two previous occasions this had resulted in failure, third time lucky. However at Bletchingly it was found the tyre had been inflated too much and the tyre was being pushed off the rim! Tyre was then deflated and reinflated with a conventional pump. The riders were reunited with Electric Mick at Oxted for coffee and breakfast. The return route was up Tandridge Hill where Electric Mick peddled slowly up the  hill but with such speed that he zoomed by everybody who were left in his wake, amazing! Dave and Trevor peeled off at the Caterham roundabout into Purley with the usual consequences. Surprise, surprise, Tony Mazzola arrived on foot for breakfast. He been preparing food during the morning for a function and therefore not been able to ride. He amazed Dave and Trevor with his knowledge of bikes and equipment. He has turned into some kind of cycle tech and with this knowledge he has bought a new bike. He has tested it by riding his old bike to Oxted and then his new. The new is one mile an hour faster! A pleasant day, not too cold, for  a ride of 56 miles.


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