Sunday 14th August Ride Report (Unofficial ride)

As there was no official ride today myself and Andrew Adams decided to still venture out.

We met at Cheam Station for a normal 9am start. As I hadn’t been riding much in recent years I left it to Andrew to decided on Route and coffee stop. I was not disappointed.

We headed out at a steady pace through Epsom town and up past the Hospital leading to the small sharp climb at the end of Woodcote Green lane. This is a section I normal use in my week day rides but always heading in the opposite direction so was refreshing to be heading the other way albeit needing a little more effort in doing so. After the small climb be rolled down and cut through past the back of Ashtead leading down into leatherhead.

Once through leatherhead we started to enter quieter roads and into the Surrey Countryside. Our first test of the day came up quickly just after Effingham. The Road starts from the crossroad in Effingham at the lights on Guildford Road and leads up to White down Lane.  Although this section is only average of 4% gradient it goes on for around 2 miles. There is a little respite in the middle with a small descent but you quickly realise what goes down must come up.

At the top we turned right to follow Crook north road and eventually reach Combe Lane for a nice quick descent. For those that haven’t ridden this road. Going down is extremely fun but coming up be prepared for an epic climb. 7-8% Gradient on average. Once at the bottom we road along the main Dorking Road into Abinger Hammer which lead us to our last turn and only a couple of miles of road before our coffee stop in Holmbury St Mary. Our coffee stop for today was Heartwork Coffee Bar. This was recommend by Andrew and I can agree that this is a super spot to stop. The coffee is great and the location is perfect for a little break. If your interested in visiting I will put link below.

A couple of coffees and some lovely Bloody Orange drinks later we made the decision to extend the ride a little further as we were both feeling we had more to give today.

Our route back led us down to Forest Green and round the back of Leith Hill towards Ockely Village and then on towards Capel. After Capel we wiggled through to Newdigate, Henfold lakes and back round to Dorking with the last test of the day being Punchbowl Lane. Although easier heading North it is still a good climb with a fun descent at the end.

After Dorking we road along the cycling path to Leatherhead at which point we split to both head off home.

My thanks to Andrew today for Leading me round some great roads and a suggestion of coffee stop. A nice easy pace ride for a Sunday.

Numbers for the ride.

Miles: 52Miles (85km)

Elevation: 833m (2732ft)

Average Speed: 16mph (21km/h)

Link to coffee stop: Heartwork Coffee



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