Sunday 13th August Ride Report

Seven riders set off from South Croydon in perfect cycling conditions for an excursion into Kent.  Andy, Vinny, Brian, Dave Elliot, Andrew, Val and yours truly made our way mainly uphill for the  first seven miles or so.  Andy and Brian knew some of the roads but for the rest of the group it was a ride of discovery.

Having checked the route out on the previous Friday I decided to miss out Cudham Hill at 25% and a shell-shocked lane suffering from the recent heavy rain.  So it was up through Ficklesole, Beddlestead Lane and Tatsfield we went to get to Knockholt and the decent of Star Lane.  On heading east through Otford, Kemsing before heading south to Ightham, Ivy hatch; crossing the old Tonbridge road and heading via Bough Beech for tea at Four Elms.

With refreshment taken it was a direct route back over the downs via Chartwell and Westerham, where at the top of Titsey, we made our farewells and took our separate routes home.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the ride and for making it so enjoyable; especially Andrew who battled on like a pro out of the back of the bunch that the team car had forgotten about!  A sterling performance!

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