Sunday 1 April

Ride details in the newsletter (out Friday morning and available on download):

MTB Ride led by Rob Starey leaving Cheam Station South Side at 9:00. If you are planning on going on please leave a comment…



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  1. It worked quit ewell last week so depending on Rb’s destination I’ll try otmeet youfor lunch on my road bike. Mick

  2. Rob intends to attempt East Grinstead again this Sunday. Better luck this time.
    0900 from Cheam, 1000 from Farthing Down. I’ll go by road bike and see you in Wetherspoons hopefully. Mick

  3. I’m going to help out at the LVRC race at Ellens Green ……. but really I’m going to eye up the opposition before I make my move on them and have a go at it later in the year. Billy

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