Suggest a Ride

As the Saturday ride is now 15mph and above it is up to those who want a slower ride to contact each other to suggest a route, meeting point…etc. Whilst this gives those who wish to ride sportives or think about racing a useful ride it also allows the club to have a wider range of rides than proposed in the rides list that, by necessity, has to be published in advance.

Use the website to let people you have an idea or time for a ride by posting an idea on the blog and get people to “sign-on” by commenting. It’s a great opportunity If you’d like to suggest something more personal like watching some racing, go to a bike show, research a route or just muck about off road!

If you haven’t got a username or password (or have forgotten your present one) contact Steve Edgar and he will issue you one and give you a quick tutorial by phone* if you need one. There is also help at hand on the site at:

* I will organise another blogging tutorial evening sometime soon, please let me know if you are interested.


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