St Ybard 2012/7

Three silly old English bike riders at the Tour de France to watch Bradley Wiggins' win and Cav win the stage at Brive la Gaillarde

Another eventful day at the UK Embassy in St Ybard. A few days ago we gave some passing scouts some bread and jam and last night we had 7 of them arrive on the doorstep asking for shelter. We were the end of the line as nobody else in the village had found them room at the Inn. They slept in the barn but were all gone by this morning. We doubt if they got a good night’s sleep. Martin, Norman, Trevor and Paul were out on the road before 10 o’clock for a fine 22 mile jaunt to Lubersac and back through Troche. Then it was a quick lunch of Denbo’s delicious medicinal soup and off to Brive to watch the Tour de France (but only after a trip to “Decafflon” for Denbo to buy his shorts and to Carrefour for Paul’s beers – now there’s a surprise.) Then it was a short walk onto the course just 4kms from the finish. Mick got shot off on the slope out of Decafflon (sic) but Denbo waited back for him, “if you’re going to snuff it you couldn’t do it better than walking to see an Englishman win the Tour de France” they agreed. We just arrived in time for Trevor to start collecting his goodies from the publicity caravan – as Christmas presents we assumed. A short gap between the caravan and the race itself to choose the best vantage spot. Mick befriended a nice couple from Perth who had a big Aussie flag. “Oh that Australia,” Mick remarked. “Yep” replied the man from the Wacca, “Keeping the rest of Australia afloat with our mining at the moment!” They’d been following the Tour from the start in Liege and observed, “I suppose you’re feeling pleased with yourselves.”
Through the lads thundered just as it started to rain on our roundabout with the bunch chasing down the remnants of the breakaways.  Forunately Mrs WACCA had a tablet and knew how to use it, so she filled in all the communication gaps and wound up the afternoon with the news that Cav had come from nowhere to win the stage. “Yes!”  Back to the ranch where Norman and Martin had spent the afternoon fulfilling the other part of the St Ybard protocol, emptying the shelves at Super U of washing machine liquid and various other domestic bargains.  Reunited we made it to L’Auberge St Roche for the world’s best trout starter and steak main course, provided by all those contented cattle of Limousin.  Tomorrow we hope to be in Chartres for the time trial and home for the Champs Elycees – what chance a final triumph for Cav to seal it all up for Sky?  Thanks again to Trev and Suzanne for their hospitality.

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