Sportive Update

Jez Martin, Emma Potter Completed the Puncheur Sportive on a sunny but cold day on the 6th March. Jez just missed Silver due to a puncture of his riding companion, but made sure he beat him up Ditchling just to let him know who was boss. Emma despite a hamstring injury knocked 45 minutes off her time from last year. Well done to both. Jez 4 hr 39 min and Emma 5 hr 02min.

The following week the intrepid pair both went out in the wet to take part in the South Western Road Club Spring Onion Sportive. Jez again chose the wrong riding companion who this time produced 3 punctures and used up all jez’s inner tubes to boot. Emma had another magnificant ride and beat Jez by 11 minutes! Emma 4hr 55 and Jez 5 hr 06.

This week Emma is riding the Burgess Hill Springtime classic… we are impressed.


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  1. Blimey Emma, what a girl , well done to both of you, my hat is off to the pair of you, keep up the good riding and showing the Club colours in parts distant. Thanks for posting Cazza.

    • Hi Barry – Thanks for the words of encouragement! I’ve already checked the weather for this Sunday and I’m pleased to say it’s going to be SUNNY :O) Which makes getting up at 5.45am to drive to the stary worth while. See you soon xx

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