Should Contador have waited?

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  1. No Way Jose, it is supposed to be a race after all, look back at the ‘ attacks’on the Yellow/ Stars so far, Chavanel (puncture), Contador(Wheel broken), Armstrong (puncture), and Andy made a bad change during his attack !

  2. I agree – I always dream that Gym’s chain will drop off on a climb – but the grease and mud hold it tight – may offer to clean his bike…

  3. def did the right thing.also if you notice ,as his chain came off as contador was looking round to see if anyone was following so did’nt even see the actual incident.

  4. 2 questions really. Should he have waited? and should he have attacked hard? (which he obviously did). No to the first one, I think anyone would ride on & why would you slow down or stop? The second question though seems to split opinion (based on the reaction of the crowd) – is it really very sporting? (can’t see why the French are so bothered after Thierry Henry against Ireland…) He must have gathered that something had happened, and they all have radios anyway, so his choice was to go on the offensive for the rest of the stage as a result. If he’d have said as much when interviewed at the end of the stage – “it’s part of racing, I had to take advantage” I think it would have helped matters. But “I had no idea, I never looked back (yes you did Bertie)” followed by a vague apology the next day looks paper thin & is bound to cause a media reaction. Schleck pushed him hard, but I doubt the overall result would have been different if the chain had stayed on anyway.

    Chapeau to David Millar I reckon though – did well to get round in that state.

  5. I agree with most here. You don’t see Ferrari pulling over to wait for Williams if they fluff up a pit stop or get a puncture during a race. Racing is racing which includes the mechanics competency. Or was this just a poor gear change in which case even more of a case of tough luck? Almost spooky how the winning margin mirrors the time lost in this incident……

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