Saturday 14th May Ride to Ockham Bites

5 riders met at Nonsuch Park for a ride in what proved to be lovely ride. Digger Dave, Big Dave, Tracey, Trevor K, plus Jenny who we were really happy to see back for her second ride with us. Always great to have new riders with us. We are open to riders of all abilities and will tailor a ride to get anyone involved. This is not a race ride but for enjoyment:)

We headed off through Nonsuch following Diggers lead through Horton Park and down a field where Tracey got annoyed as Trevor found mud. Diggers fault though as his ride. Down Vampire 2 Digger decided to show off his newly acquired balance skills as he turned his bike into a stationary one when stuck in some deep thick mud. This did not deter anyone and we continued on toward Ockham bites.

Some more climbing and fun short single tracks later we made it the cafe where we enjoyed some food and a hot beverage. Bonus was that the Kingston Pheonix saved us a bench which was nice of them. After some chit chat and general banter we started our journey back. Trevor K lead from here and the route was epic. The drop off practice zone at The Forest of Dean clearly helped. Jenny impressed by riding the whole way down the path. The route back was mixed with some more gentle climbs but nothing we can’t handle despite how warm it was.

Once back in Horton we decided to go for a quick drink in the cricketers to celebrate a member of another group who was turning 83.  Thank you all for a great day and drink. Around 35 miles done




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