Saturday 4 February

2 rides as usual leaving at 9.30 from the Organ & Dragon, details in the newsletter (out Friday morning and available on download):

Club road ride to Clandon, Newdigate led by Mick Ayliffe, pick up at Stoke d’Abernon at 10.15.
Sportive Training Ride to Clandon led by Brian Harris.

If you are planning on going on any of them please leave a comment…



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  1. Same as Sunday. If its <5 degrees C. I'll prbably stay at home in view of my last ride to Leatherhead in freezing tempartures which was no fun at all. Also be warned the ice on the puddles in the park didn't thaw at all yesterday. Mick

  2. I’m unsure what to do, I want to go out and I’m not worried about the cold but I’m concerned about falling off on the frost/ice. I’ll be looking out the window and may even drive to the O&D to see what it looks like from there at 9.30. Billy

  3. I’m going to take a drive down to the Wheelers course for next week and have a drive round it. I’ll take the bike just in case I feel inclined to get out and freeze to death!

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